Fastpass + Reservations – General Information for Onsite Guests!

Fastpass + Reservations – General Information for Onsite Guests!

One of best perks included with staying onsite for your Walt Disney World Vacation is the ability to secure your FastPass+ Reservations 60 days prior to arrival… all at once! Guests who stay offsite are limited to choosing their FastPasses 30 days prior to each park day, so you can see how staying onsite offers an incredible advantage to getting some of the more popular selections!



Here is some general information about the FastPass + System and how it works:

What is FastPass+?
FastPass+ is the new version of Disney’s innovative system designed to reduce long waits at attractions. It allows you to pre-choose three FastPasses (at one park) per day of your Theme Park Ticket! This will allow you to enjoy these attractions with a shorter wait time than if you used the regular standby line.


How much does FastPass+ cost?
FastPass+ is included in your admission to the park. There is NO extra charge to use the system.



How does it work?

  • FastPass+ is essentially a “virtual” queuing system — guests using FastPass+ are entered into a virtual queue at eligible attractions that saves their space in line.You are allowed to pre-reserve three Fastpass+ Selections per park ticket included with your Vacation Package (all three must be at the same park).


  • Once your FastPass+ time has arrived, go to the attraction. When you approach, you will see two clocks. The first one will tell you how long the STANDBY ENTRANCE wait time is, if you got in line right at that moment. The other clock tells the actual time, so that FastPass+ users know if they are eligible for entry.


  • Get in the line for FastPass+ holders. MAKE SURE to arrive within your FastPass+ window! Each member in your party will scan their Magic Band to redeem their FastPass.




NOTE: EACH PERSON (over age 3) NEEDS A FastPass+ RESERVATION! Children under the age of 3 that will be riding the attraction DO NOT NEED A FASTPASS and can tag along on any rides that they are height-eligible for.


What happens if I have a FastPass+ and I am unable to make it to the attraction in time? Can I cancel it so that it won’t ruin my ability to get FastPass+ at another attraction?
Using the My Disney Experience website or mobile app, you can make changes throughout the day to reschedule your FastPass+ choices. You are also able to make changes using the FastPass+ kiosks in the parks (Refer to park maps for locations).


After I use my 3 Fastpasses, can I get more?
Absolutely! After you use all three of your FastPasses, you may utilize your My Disney Experience App to select another Fastpass (as long as there is availability at the park to do so). After you use that FastPass, you may do the whole process again! It is my experience that this works the best at the Magic Kingdom, as this park offers the most FastPass choices. For your 4th and subsequent FastPasses, you are also able to choose a different park.


What if I am Park Hopping?
You have two options if you are Park Hopping.
1. Reserve FastPass Selections for your Morning Park. Utilize the My Disney Experience App (1 at a time – as long as there is availability) at your Afternoon/Evening Park.
2. Reserve FastPass Selections for your Afternoon/Evening Park and play it by ear at your morning park.


It’s important to note that while we do want to make the most of your trip by choosing FastPasses for attractions that typically have a longer wait time,  the FastPass system does not completely eliminate waiting in lines while at Walt Disney World. While at the theme parks, don’t forget to utilize your My Disney Experience App to see which attractions have the shortest Standby wait times to enjoy before, during and after your scheduled FastPasses.


Please take a look at the Interactive FastPass Guide we have created that lists the available FastPasses by park. Click each ride’s name to learn more!

Interative FastPass Guide


When looking over the available options, we urge you to be very flexible with your selections and choose Plan B choices for all Tier One Selections. FastPass availability will vary  depending on many factors, including how many days you are visiting Walt Disney World, and how many days into your vacation you are choosing to visit each theme park. 



The Fastpass system opens at 7 AM on your 60th Day. Your Dreaming of the Mouse agent can take care of these selections for you; and will carefully schedule your choices while taking into consideration the following: Location, Other Scheduled Reservations, and Entertainment such as Parades or Fireworks!


“We do all the work, so you can have all the fun!”