Agent Showcase: Disney Cruise Line Key to the World Cards and Oceaneer Bands for Kid’s Club Access!

By Laura M.

This is part 2 of a 5 part series! Click here to read part 1.

Upon check-in to your cruise, every guest will be given their own Key to the World Card.  A group photo is taken and then your picture is attached to your card in the computer. This card acts as:


  • Your room key
  • Your light key (insert it in the slot in your room to make the lights work)
  • Your charging privilege (you can elect to charge direct to your credit card or your onboard account)
  • Your pass to get on and off the ship at ports
  • And also lists your Dinner Table Number, Dining Rotation, and Muster Station.

Guests must carry these cards with them at all times during their cruise, and adults also must carry a Photo ID as well.

Each guest sailing on the Disney Cruise line receives their own Key to the World Card.

Each guest sailing on the Disney Cruise line receives their own Key to the World Card.


Disney Cruise Line has one of the best kid’s club programs available! Children ages 3+ have access to the Oceaneer’s Club and even better, it’s included in the cost of their cruise fare! Here is a peek at the Oceaneer the kids used to check in and out of the club.

Oceaneer Band for children registered for the Oceaneer's Kid's Club aboard the Disney Cruise Line.

Oceaneer Band for children registered for the Oceaneer’s Kid’s Club aboard the Disney Cruise Line.


As you can see, it’s very similar to the MagicBands used for a Walt Disney World Vacation – but they are not exactly the same. You will be given one of these bands for each child registered for the Oceaneer’s Club and you must return them at the end of your sailing.


To check-in to the club, children scan their MagicBands and their picture  pops up on the cast member’s computer screen. To check children out of the club, you will give the Cast Member your Key to the World Card, your Photo ID and the secret password that you set up for anyone authorized to take your kids out of the club. Then, and only then, the Cast Member will tell you exactly which room of the kid’s club your child is in and you can go retrieve them!










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